Saturday, November 12, 2016

Headlights Analogy

I thought of an analogy recently; well, this evening (just now). Anyways, it’s to demonstrate that we don’t necessarily need to see what’s ahead, or, be able to see exactly how we are getting to where we want to go. It’s about the Universe’s relentless desire to unfold and conspire in our favor. If we truly want to be there, we simply have to give up our tight grip on controlling the situation; on controlling how everything little thing is going to play out; on where we will get the money, on when we will get it, what steps we will take to get there, what it will all look and feel like… Because if I wanted to drive from Los Angeles to New York, but I could only do so at night, I would only be able to see in my headlights about 100 ft in front of me at any time. But that’s all I need to get me there, and things will just continue unfolding as I drive along. I don’t have to know what is in the road 5,000 feet from me, that is irrelevant to where I am now. As long as I keep driving in the direction of New York, I will get there, because all I really need to be able to see is the next 100 ft.

We tend to fight our hearts and intuition with our mind and logic; it tends to all get blended together into a blurry mess.

“I can create whatever reality I desire, and I am creating it in this very moment.” You know you are. You don’t have to know how or when it will happen, you just have to know that it will happen.